Technical Committee of China Bearing Industry Association(CBIA) held a meeting in ZYS
Technical Committee of China Bearing Industry Association(CBIA) held a meeting in ZYS

Source: ZYS    Published:2020-06-04    

On May 26, 2020, the Technical Committee of China Bearing Industry Association(CBIA) held a meeting in Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd.(ZYS) Mr. Zhou Yu, executive vice chairman and secretary general of CBIA, deputy secretary general Mr. Niu Hui and Mr. Yang Jinfu, special committee members Mr. Liu Qiaofang and Mr.Han Jinke, office director Mr.Zhang Zhisong; ZYS chairman Mr. Jiang Wei, general manager Mr. Gao Yuanan, deputy general manager Mr. Sun Liming and Mr. Gao Fei, secretary general of CBIA Mr. Ye Jun, deputy secretary general Mr. Liu Yaozhong, and also the Chairman, Secretary-General, and Deputy Secretary-General of the eight professional academic departments attended this meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Secretary General Mr.Ye Jun. First of all, Mr. Jiang Wei, chairman of Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd., expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of CBIA leaders, and introduced the operations, scientific research and innovation of ZYS in 2019, and also the work plan and goals for 2020.

Secretary-General of CBIA Mr.Ye Jun reported on the work of the Technical Committee in 2019 and the work plan for 2020. In 2019, (1) The Technical Committee organized industry enterprises to actively carry out the "13th Five-Year Plan" common technical research work, changed the working ideas combining with the actual situation of the bearing industry; (2) CBIA actively organized various professional activities, including 7 industry technical conferences. More than 800 delegates attended these conferences. The CBIA leaders, academicians, domestic and foreign technical experts made nearly one hundred brilliant reports. They gave a wide and in-depth elaboration and explanation from the aspects of the industry situation, technical development, professional technology, etc. It played a positive role in promoting the development of the bearing industry and technological progress; (3) Carry out various services and technical support, conduct industry training using the technical staff and equipment of the technical committee, cumulatively trained more than 70 personnel including metallographic inspectors, measuring personnel, test personnel, anti-rust personne. In 2020, CBIA will hold the technical working meeting, summarizing the "13th Five-Year" common technical breakthroughs, and planning on the "14th Five-Year" technical breakthroughs; and continuing to carry out various professional technical activities, industry technical consultation and training

The eight professional academic departments reported on the work done in 2019, the industry development situation, the main problems faced, and the work plan for 2020. (1) The product department held the 2019 Technical Annual Conference. By inviting committee members to participate in the conference, it improved mutual understanding of bearing manufacturers and bearing end users, and provided new ideas for the design and development of bearing products; (2) The department of Materials and Heat Treatment actively participated in various industry activities, carried out technical exchanges, technical training, and standard revisions; (3) The department of Quality Inspection and Testing Technology held the "2019 National Bearing Industry Quality Work Conference", inviting axle experts to introduce requirements on bearing performance and quality from the user's perspective. According to the development of the industry, the current quality level of the bearing industry, the development of bearing test technology, the development and application of test equipment, and the technical development of instruments are introduced; (4) The Department of Antirust and Lubrication actively participated in the technical exchange activities in the related industry. In 2019, the Technical Annual Meeting was jointly held with the Department of Rolling Elements, and they had in-depth discussion on grinding and rust prevention in rolling element machining; (5) The Rolling Element Department introduced the hot issues in the bearing industry, such as high-speed, specialization, intelligent equipment and environmental protection of steel ball manufacturing, and discussed the future technical routes and technical measures of rolling elements, especially roller manufacturing; (6) The Department of Technology and Equipment held an annual technical meeting in 2019 to discuss the development of special bearing equipment; and conducted discussions on the intelligent, digital, and cold rolling technology of bearing equipment, emphasizing the combination of technology and equipment to achieve innovative development; (7) The Cage Department continued to provide technical services to the industry, and introduced the production mode of excellent bearing companies; (8) The Information Department continued to do a good job in industry information reporting, publishing magazines and technical albums to promote the dissemination and utilization of bearing technology information.

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