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TAUh20-70Tf Automobile Hub Bearing Simulation Testing Machine

The automotive bearing series testing machine is a new type of professional testing machine developed with strong simulation, multiple control functions and high test accuracy for the rapid development of the automotive industry.

The bearing test rigs have realized the functions of automatic computer control, automatic monitoring and recording of test data, auto alarm and shutdown.

The bearing tester has unique design, strong simulation, high processing accuracy, and high component configuration, thereby ensuring the stability and high reliability of the bearing test.

Application of TAUh20-70Tf automobile hub bearing simulation testing machine: the dynamic simulation performance and durability test of lightweight wheel bearing in the inner diameter 20-70mm range are mainly used.

Test type

Hub bearing test

Test inner diameter range

φ20 ~ φ70 mm

Test number


Maximum test load

Radial 20kN axial ±15kN

Maximum test speed


Heating temperature

Room temperature 150 ℃

Test methods

Automatic computer control, monitoring and recording.

Test parameters

Speed, load, temperature, vibration, motor current, etc.