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Robot is a machine that performs work automatically. It can either be directed by humans, pre-programmed programs, or act on principles that are based on artificial intelligence technology. Its task is to assist or replace human work, such as manufacturing, construction, or hazardous work.

According to the application environment of robot, the robot is divided into two categories: industrial robot and service robot.

Industrial robot:

Applied in the field of manufacturing, such as welding robot, handling robot, painting robot, assembly robot, palletizing robot, AGV, etc.

Service robot:

Various advanced robots for non-manufacturing industries and serving human beings, such as personal, household, medical, construction,

cleaning, public safety, etc.

ZYS robot bearings are mainly used in industrial robot RV reducers, harmonic reducers and robot joints. They are developed for working conditions in which the robot bearings are small in size, light in weight and high in speed. ZYS mainly provides thin-wall bearings for RV reducers, flexible bearings for harmonic reducers, thin-wall bearings with equal sections, and crossed cylindrical roller bearings.

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