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Medical equipment constantly improves the basic conditions of medical science and technology level, and is also an important sign of modernization. The development of medical care depends largely on the development of instruments. Medical devices can be generally divided into two categories: therapeutic devices (scalpel, medical catheter, pacemaker, etc.) and diagnostic devices (X-ray CT device, ultrasonic diagnostic device, MRI, etc.).

The intensification of global aging has put pressure on the medical industry. Medical devices need to be diagnosed and treated faster, safer, and more reliably, while improving the comfort of patients and operators. The technology of image diagnostic medical systems such as X-ray CT device, ultrasonic diagnostic device, and MRI is constantly improving. With the development of high speed and high precision diagnostic instruments, the high requirements of high speed, high precision, high rigidity, low vibration, low noise and maintenance-free for bearing are put forward.

ZYS has made great contributions to the improvement of medical device performance by using core technologies such as material technology, lubrication technology and precision technology to meet market demands. Our bearing applications include CT, SPECT, PET, MRI, angiography, mammography, ultrasound, mobile C-arms and standard X-ray applications.


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