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Agricultural engineering involves a wide range of machinery, equipment and tools, most of which are specially designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of agriculture and the special requirements of various operations, such as soil tillage machinery, planting and fertilization machinery, plant protection machinery, crop harvesting machinery, animal husbandry machinery and agricultural products processing machinery, etc. Another part of agricultural machinery is common to other industries, and can be directly selected according to the characteristics and needs of agriculture, such as agricultural power machinery, water pumps in farmland irrigation and drainage machinery, etc.; or design these machinery into agricultural variants according to the characteristics and needs of agriculture, such as agricultural vehicles, trailers in agricultural transport machinery, stone machinery in farmland construction machinery.

All kinds of mechanical equipment need to face the harsh working environment. Dust in summer has very high requirements for the bearing seal, and high humidity in spring and autumn is a big test for agricultural farming. Hard soil tests the ultimate strength of all mechanical parts; vibration and high strength impact also determine that the bearings of agricultural machinery have stronger bearing capacity.

ZYS can provide professional bearing technology solutions for agricultural machinery manufacturers. ZYS products are widely used in agricultural machinery, such as tractor drive systems and transmission systems. ZYS has developed high-performance bearing products for agricultural machinery. ZYS bearing products perform well in terms of technical performance, operational reliability and economic efficiency.

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