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Machine tool is the carrier of advanced manufacturing technology and the basic production means of equipment industry. It is the basic equipment for equipment manufacturing industry, mainly for automobile, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, electric power equipment, railway locomotive, ship and other industries. Machine tool performance plays an increasingly important role in production efficiency and product quality and also has high demand for more reliable and energy efficient components.

ZYS ultra-precision bearings set standards for applications requiring high reliability, accuracy and high speed performance, whether in machine tools, textile machinery, woodworking machinery or other fields. The comprehensiveness of the product range ensures optimum bearing placement in various applications. The comprehensive range of ZYS bearing products guarantees an optimal bearing arrangement for every occasion and application. For new machine tools, it has the potential to improve important performance and reduce cost. These functions can be achieved by applying proprietary technology to the bearing system arrangement, considering and optimizing the type of bearing used, and installing the bearing in the correct way.

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