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Each motorcycle is usually equipped with 20 to 30 bearings. These bearings are used for important rotating parts such as engines, transmissions, and wheels to support driving, and are responsible for reducing friction and driving the engine power to the wheels. Therefore, the performance required for motorcycle bearings is to achieve smooth rotation through low friction, low vibration and high durability. These performance affect the fuel consumption and safety that are closely related to our life. ZYS always pays attention to these details and strives to develop bearing and optimize the bearing design to improve the quality of life and protect the global environment.

Bearings for engines and transmissions of motorcycles are required to have foreign matter resistance and high rigidity because they are used under high temperature, high speed rotation and high impact loads. In addition, the wheel bearing must be suitable for use in various terrains and applications, so it must be durable to water, mud, etc. ZYS has materials with long-term durability and heat treatment technology to meet these requirements, as well as the bearing internal specification optimization technology to achieve high rigidity.

ZYS has always regarded friction and vibration reduction, small size and light weight, and long life as important research and development topics, and strives to thoroughly study it. With extensive engineering expertise and global resource development solutions, the professional knowledge in bearing and bearing units, sealing technology, lubrication, mechatronics and dynamic modeling software enable our engineers to provide a series of practical and profitable application solutions.


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