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Thrust ball bearing

Single-direction thrust ball bearings can only withstand the axial load in one direction and can limit the axial displacement of the shaft and the shell in one direction. The contact angle is 90°,and the limit speed is low.

Double-direction thrust angular contact ball bearings can bear axial load in two directions, with contact angle of 60°,and have the features of high precision, good rigidity, high speed and convenient disassembly.



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There are many kinds of metallurgical equipment, including not only the equipment needed by the raw material factory, but also the equipment needed from the upstream process to the downstream process, such as steelmaking process, steel rolling process and leveling process. These bearings are used under the special conditions of iron powder, water and heat of metallurgical equipment, so they need to meet the requirements of heavy load , vibration shock, from ultra-low speed to high-speed & rapid acceleration and deceleration. "Stable operation and improved production efficiency" can be described as a representative industry in the field of metallurgical equipment. ZYS is not only in bearing design technology, but also in various aspects such as bearing material technology, lubrication technology, and analytical technology.