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Cross cylindrical roller bearing

ZYS precision cross cylindrical roller bearings can simultaneously bear radial load, bidirectional thrust load and overturning moment, and have high rigidity.

This type of bearing is suitable for rotating tables in machining centers, joint parts or rotating parts of industrial robots, rotating parts of manipulators, medical equipment, precision rotating tables, IC manufacturing devices, measuring instruments, etc.

Inside the cross cylindrical roller bearing, the rollers are arranged at 90°to cross each other vertically, and the structure is compact. ZYS precision cross cylindrical roller bearings have three structural forms: with full complement rollers, with cages, and with interval retainers. Among them, bearings with full complement rollers are suitable for low speed and heavy load conditions; while bearings with cage and with interval retainer is suitable for the working condition of small friction torque and high speed.

ZYS precision cross cylindrical roller bearings are divided into seven structural series: RB series, RE series, RU series, RA series, RA-C series, CRB series and CRBH-A series.

Characteristics of cross cylindrical roller bearings

High precision: The inner or outer ring of the cross cylindrical roller bearing can be separated, and the bearing gap can be adjusted, so that it can still obtain higher rotation accuracy under load.

High load carrying capacity: Compared with the traditional cage, the spacer retainer of the cross cylindrical roller bearing can increase the effective contact length of the roller, thereby greatly improving the load carrying capacity; at the same time, the spacer retainer guides the full length of each roller, which effectively prevents the roller from tilting. In addition, the spacer retainer keeps the load area symmetrically distributed, preventing end-face contact caused by the asymmetry of the load area, reducing friction and wear, and improving bearing life.

High stiffness: Compared with double row angular contact ball bearings, cross cylindrical roller bearings can bear the load in all directions with only one row of crossed cylindrical rollers, greatly reducing the width of the bearing, and meeting the requirements of compact structure. Because the roller is loaded, the stiffness of the cross cylindrical roller bearings can also be increased by 3-4 times when the rigidity of the installed components remains unchanged.

Simple operation: cross cylindrical roller bearing has the separated inner ring or outer ring. After the roller and the spacer cage are installed in bearing, the inner/ outer ring is fixed with another part that can not be separated to prevent separation from each other, so the installation operation is very simple.

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