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Bearing rigidity measuring instrument

Rigidity is the ability of mechanical component to resist deformation when subjected to external forces, and can be determined by measuring the  displacement when the force is deformed.

ZYS bearing rigidity measuring instrument is the special instrument for measuring the axial rigidity of bearing. The instrument can offer the axial rigidity curve of the bearing, so as to analyze the bearing performance and ensure the optimal rigidity performance of the host.


This instrument is suitable for bearing workshop, bearing research institutes and host supporting units.


●The load measurement adopts the precision axial loading device,which can load continuously and stably in the axial direction, and the applied load 

is stepless regulated in 50-500N;

●Precision spindle has higher rotary accuracy, higher rigidity and stability under a certain load.

●The circuit system has good anti-interference ability, good stability and fast response

According to the sampling results of force sensor and inductive displacement sensor, the measurement software can calculate the rigidity,conduct rigidity 

curve fitting for each point automatically, and draw the rigidity curve.

Technical parameters:

Bearing size and measuring range: 

bearing size: inner diameter φ10-60mm outer diameter φ15-100mm

Axial load: 50-500N stepless adjustment

● Load measurement accuracy: ≤±1%F.S

● Displacement range: 300μm

● Displacement measurement resolution: 0.1μm

● Displacement measurement accuracy: ±(0.5+0.01T)μm (T is the actual measuring value of displacement)

Rigidity measurement error: ±5%