Fixed pad thrust bearing ZYS
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Fixed-pad thrust bearing

For fixed-pad thrust bearings, the pad is fixed onto the substrate. With micro deformation, oil wedge is formed to generate dynamic pressure. To consider the heat dissipation due to friction, a pair of complete friction faces is divided into several pads circumferentially. This structure of fixed pad is integrated with the substrate, made of ZYTCu-lO. Based on QSn1O-1, the ZYTCu-lO material may improve the PV value, resistance to bonding and wear, and bearing resistance.

The main alloy elements include Cu, Nu, Sn, Pb, Zn, P, etc. This material features good resistance to wear, long life of fatigue, good speed performance, not easy to be seized.



Oil and gas technology is developing at a very rapid pace, and exploiting deeper oil and gas resources in harsher environments means that the top drives need more power to withstand higherloads.When unforeseen downtime costs are as high as $1 million per day, the reliability of equipment becomes particularly important, and the reliability of key parts of the bearing directly determines the performance of the equipment.