Delivery of precision bearing 7001
Delivery of precision bearing 7001

Source: ZYS    Published:2021-02-22    

Prepare to ship precision bearings 7001 and wait for SF Express to pick up the goods.

Just after the Spring Festival, bearing orders surged and workers worked overtime to ensure timely delivery.

The angular contact ball bearing is the main product of ZYS. ZYS angular contact ball bearing has the following advantages:

•The chamfer arc radius of rings is reasonable, which is not only convenient to install, but also guaranteed to improve the installation precision and reduce the risk of the related parts being bumped.

•The speed performance is outstanding.

•Unique heat treatment process allows products to achieve the best dimensional stability and rigidity, so as to reduce wear and tear.

•Multiple pre-load levels can help to meet different requirements for speed and system stiffness, which is more reasonable to select and use the levels.

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