Machine tool and bearing technology Development Docking Conference was successfully held
Machine tool and bearing technology Development Docking Conference was successfully held

Source: ZYS    Published:2021-04-16    

In order to promote the common development of machine tool and bearing industries, China Machine Tool Industry Association and China Bearing Industry Association jointly organized the "Machine Tool and Bearing Technology Development Docking Conference", which was held on April 13, 2021 at the China International Machine Tool Exhibition Center (New hall). More than 50 representatives from more than 30 companies in the machine tool industry and bearing industry attended the meeting.

Customized low-cost manufacturing is one of the main trends in today's manufacturing industry. The machine tool industry must provide users with basic guarantees to adapt to this changing trend, be market-oriented, deeply understand user process requirements, and provide users with personalized low-cost products and system solutions.

Through this face-to-face communication, machine tool companies can more effectively understand the difficulties and pain points of bearing manufacturing companies, grasp the development direction of the bearing manufacturing industry’s demand for equipment, and provide users with machine tool products with better performance and more suitable for the needs of bearing manufacturing users and then promote the product structure adjustment and industrial upgrading of the bearing manufacturing industry and the machine tool industry.

Participating companies believe that the conference will help the two industries to improve together. Machine tool companies have a more in-depth understanding of the equipment needs of the bearing industry, and bearing manufacturers have increased their confidence in adopting domestic manufacturing equipment.

As one of the participating companies, Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd. introduced the progress of manufacturing technology in the bearing industry and the new demand for manufacturing equipment, and analyzed the gap between domestic bearing manufacturing equipment and technology and imported equipment.

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