ZYS bearing ZYS at 2023 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition
ZYS bearing ZYS at 2023 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition

Source: ZYS    Published:2023-03-12    

On March 10th, the 18th China International Bearing Industry Exhibition, which lasted for 4 days, ended at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. As the most influential exhibition in China's bearing industry, this exhibition gathered nearly 1000 domestic and foreign enterprises and more than 60000 visitors, attracting buyers from 50 countries and regions to come for trade negotiations.

ZYS attaches great importance to this exhibition, and has gathered strong personnel to establish a on-site service team. It has also sent relevant leaders from the company's technology, marketing, sales service, and other departments to participate in the exhibition.

As one of the exhibitors with the largest exhibition area, ZYS brought over 10 categories of products to the exhibition, including special bearings, high-end precision bearings, high-speed motorized spindles, bearing testing instruments, high-speed bearing testing machines, all-ceramic bearings, hydrodynamic bearings, bearing cage materials, lubrication and rust prevention media. Among them, the ZYS-103B ultra-high speed aircraft bearing testing machine independently developed by ZYS has made its debut, mainly used for high-temperature and high-speed bearing performance tests. The spindle speed can reach 120000 r/min, and the oil supply temperature can reach 200 . The product has attracted a large number of partners from home and abroad to come for business negotiations and exchanges.

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