Application of ZYS bearings in major equipment and key host fields (Part one)
Application of ZYS bearings in major equipment and key host fields (Part one)

Source: ZYS    Published:2020-08-24    

Bearings are important and key basic components in the equipment manufacturing industry, which directly determine the performance, level, quality and reliability of major equipment and host products. With the development of the market, users have higher requirements for the accuracy, performance, life and variety of bearing products. They are no longer satisfied with the requirements for general bearings. At present, domestic bearing enterprises are accelerating the upgrading of products and technologies, and are developing towards high-end equipment and main engine fields.

I. Bearings used in High-end CNC machine tools and industrial robots

1. Bearings used in High-end CNC machine tools

In the field of High-end CNC machine tools, ZYS can offer 718 series, 719 series, 70 series and 72 series high precision spindle bearings, ISO metric ball screw bearings and non-ISO metric ball screw bearing units, high-precision turntable bearings, linear guides, high-power electric spindles. The machine tool industry is the main market of ZYS precision bearings and the accuracy of our angular contact ball bearings can achieve P4A grade.

2. Bearings used in Industrial robots field

In the field of Industrial robots, ZYS can offer RV reducer bearings, harmonic reducer bearings, which are developed for working conditions in which the robot bearings are small in size, light in weight and high in speed.

II. Bearings used in Offshore engineering equipment

ZYS can offer the Extra-large slewing bearings for port machinery, bearings for high-speed turbines, heavy-duty impact bearings, bearings for large-scale diesel engines, heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant, long-life and high-reliability bearings for semi-submersible drilling platform rigs and deep-sea drilling platform rigs.

III. Bearings used in Energy saving and new energy vehicles

1. Energy-saving automotive bearings

Sealed bearings for engine wheel (automobile engine bearings, water pump shaft bearings, tensioner bearings, air conditioner compressor bearings, turbocharger bearings); Automotive transmission (box) bearings (transmission bearings, differential bearings, clutch bearings, synchronizer bearings, retarder bearings, torque splitter bearings); High-end automobile hub bearings (car hub bearing units with integrated ABS system, maintenance-free hub bearing units for heavy-duty trucks).

2. Bearings used in New energy vehicles

ZYS has accumulated profound experience in materials, bearing design, lubrication and sealing technology, bearing test technology. Based on rich manufacturing experience in high end precision bearings, ZYS developed electric vehicle drive motor bearing, transmission bearing, electric vehicle hub drive motor (bearing) unit for new energy vehicles.

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