Common problems with surface roughness
Common problems with surface roughness

Source: ZYS    Published:2022-01-07    

Q: What is called surface roughness?

Answer: Surface roughness refers to the micro-geometric features composed of small spacing and peaks and valleys on the machined surface of the part.

Q: How is the surface roughness produced?

Answer: The surface of parts formed by cutting or other methods always has geometric errors due to plastic deformation, mechanical vibration, friction, etc. during processing.

Q: What effect does surface roughness have on parts?

Answer: The surface roughness has an important influence on the friction and wear of the parts, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance and the mating nature of the parts.

Q: What are the main national standards for "surface roughness" in China at present?

Answer: GB/T 3505-2009 Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - Surface texture: Profile method - Terms definitions and surface texture parameters

GB/T 1031-2009 Geometrical product specifications(GPS) - Surface texture: Profile method - Surface roughness parameters and their values

GB/T 131-2006 Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) - Indication of surface texture in technical Product documentation

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