Electric spindle for grinding
Electric spindle for grinding

Source: ZYS    Published:2021-04-22    

The electric spindle for grinding is a traditional product in the electric spindle series. This kind of electric spindle is usually a constant torque working system. The calibrated rated speed is the highest speed of the electric spindle. The electric spindle for grinding usually uses S6 work system.

There are three series of electric spindles for grinding: DZ, GDZ, and 2GDZ series. DZ series is an ordinary power electric spindle, suitable for cutting speeds below 35m/s on the inner surface, and is compatible with bearing grinders such as MZ208, MZ2015, and MZ1410. Except for DZ24, DZ series electric spindles are hard to find in bearing inner surface grinding and machining centers.

GDZ series electric spindle is suitable for inner surface grinding speed of 45m/s-55m/s. The shaft diameter of this series of electric spindles is generally increased by 5-10mm compared with the DZ series, and the motor output power is increased by 20%-30% compared with the DZ series. It is matched with the 3MK series of internal surface grinders. The 2GDZ series electric spindle can be suitable for high-speed and high-efficiency grinding of the inner surface below 65m/s. Under the premise of the same speed, its shaft diameter is 5mm longer than that of GDZ series, and its motor output power is 20%-30% higher than that of GDZ series. It is the preferred spindle of 3MZ CNC internal grinder, and it is also the electric spindle with the thickest shaft diameter and the largest power at the same speed in China. Taking into account the development of internal grinding machine tools, the 3GDZ series of electric spindles have been developed. The 3GDZ series electric spindle bearings use ceramic ball hybrid angular contact ball bearings, and the lubrication system uses an oil-air lubrication system. Its shaft diameter will be increased by 5mm compared with 2GDZ, and its power will be increased by 20%-30% compared with 2GDZ series. By then, the surface speed of the grinding wheel will reach 75m/s.

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