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Thin wall cross roller bearing

ZYS cross roller bearings have two types of structure: RA (open type) robot bearing and RA--UU (double end seal) robot bearing. Thin section cross roller bearings also have three types for cages: with cage, with spacer and with complement rollers; among which bearings with cage and spacer type are suitable for working conditions with low friction torque and high speed, and bearings with complement roller are suitable for working conditions with low speed and heavy load. ZYS thin wall cross roller bearings are suitable for the equipments such as the robot joint part,the rotary table of machining center, rotation part of the manipulator, precision rotary table, medical equipment, gauges, IC manufacturing equipment.Thin wall cross roller bearings are composed of two major types, one is a crossed cylindrical roller bearing, and the other is crossed tapered roller bearing.



Robot is a machine that performs work automatically. It can either be directed by humans, pre-programmed programs, or act on principles that are based on artificial intelligence technology. Its task is to assist or replace human work, such as manufacturing, construction, or hazardous work.