End grinding disc
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End grinding disc

Grinding discs for low-speed grinding, the flatness of the grinding discs ≤0.02mm/1000mm, high workpiece precision (parallelism and flatness≤0.003mm), good surface quality, and high processing efficiency.

Application field of End grinding disc:

Automotive industry: stators, rotors, blades, internal and external gear rings, gaskets, valve plates, seals, bearings, etc.

Refrigeration industry: valve plates, pistons, sliding vanes, cylinders, roller sleeves, etc.

Cutting tool industry: hard alloy and high-speed steel cutting tools, PCBN cutting tools.

Other industries: LED windows, ceramic parts, etc.

Processing material of end grinding wheel:

Powder metallurgy, high-speed steel, stainless steel, cast iron, bearing steel, copper-tungsten alloy, glass, ceramics, ferrite, etc.

Company advantages

We are a comprehensive technology enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales of superhard material products and providing overall solutions.

We own dozens of production lines on vitrified bond, resin bond, metal bond and electroplated bond superabrasive products, equipments and inspection instruments which have yearly capacity with six hundred thousand pieces of superabrasive tools and more than three thousands sets of machines. Our main products are fixed abrasives (including ceramic abrasives, resin abrasives, rubber abrasives, etc.), coated abrasives (sand belts, abrasive cloth sandpaper, special-shaped products, etc.), super-hard materials, which are widely used in the steel, automobile, gear, bearing, metal, wood processing and other industries, with tens of thousands of product specifications. It has an annual production capacity of 8,000 tons of bonded abrasives, 5 million square meters of coated abrasives and 10 million carats of diamond/CBN products.

The product quality is excellent, and the grinding wheel technology for parts processing in refrigeration, automotive, electronics and other industries is at the international leading level. The market share of grinding wheels for parts processing reaches 50%~80%, and our products are exported to Brazil, Japan, India, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

Our environment management system is in conformity with GB/T 24001-2016/ISO 12001:2015; the quality management system is in conformity with GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015.

Production capacity