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718, 719,70, 72 series single row angular contact ball bearing

A new generation of precision angular contact ball bearings have been developed by ZYS for the machine tool spindle. Comparing with general precision bearings, angular contact bearings are greatly improved in terms of rotation accuracy, limit speed, carrying capacity and reliability; and the size range is also wider. ZYS is able to produce 718 series, 719 series, 70 series and 72 series high speed bearings for machine tool, motor, spindle, power tool and can also develop new products for special application conditions according to customers' needs and provide services for customers.



Machine tool is the carrier of advanced manufacturing technology and the basic production means of equipment industry. It is the basic equipment for equipment manufacturing industry, mainly for automobile, military, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, electric power equipment, railway locomotive, ship and other industries. Machine tool performance plays an increasingly important role in production efficiency and product quality and also has high demand for more reliable and energy efficient components.



Oil and gas technology is developing at a very rapid pace, and exploiting deeper oil and gas resources in harsher environments means that the top drives need more power to withstand higherloads.When unforeseen downtime costs are as high as $1 million per day, the reliability of equipment becomes particularly important, and the reliability of key parts of the bearing directly determines the performance of the equipment.