Cylindrical roller and cage assembly ZYS
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Cylindrical roller (needle roller) and cage assembly

Code examples of cylindrical roller (needle roller) and cage assembly: ZRNA2540/P4, ZRK1015/P4, where ZRNA stands for cylindrical roller bearing with inner ring; ZRK stands for cage assembly; 25 and 10 represent the bearing inner diameter; 40 and 15 represent the bearing outer diameter; P4 represents the accuracy level.


The contact type of roller bearing belongs to line contact, and its bearing capacity and rigidity are higher than those of ball bearing with point contact. Under normal 

working conditions, the inner and outer rings of cylindrical roller bearing can be separated. It can not bear axial load, but can withstand large radial loads, and the roller

length is shorter than general.

Cylindrical roller (needle roller) and cage assembly for ZYS robot are sometimes equipped with inner ring and the dimensions are non standard. The inner ring and 

the rolling elements are made of high carbon chromium bearing steel GCr15, and the cage is made of plastic or stainless steel.

Cylindrical rollers (needle rollers) and cage components are independent rolling elements. The wide spacing between the two guide surfaces of the cage can not only 

guide the rollers accurately, but also maintain the correct position of the rollers. The matching crankshaft shall be machined to the specified dimensional accuracy and 

geometric accuracy to ensure high rotational accuracy in the minimum space. Combining with tapered roller bearing, it is mainly used in the cycloid gear of RV reducer 

as the cycloid supporting bearing.


Robot is a machine that performs work automatically. It can either be directed by humans, pre-programmed programs, or act on principles that are based on artificial intelligence technology. Its task is to assist or replace human work, such as manufacturing, construction, or hazardous work.