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Bearing life testing machine

Bearing life testing machine refers to the equipment that performs rotary fatigue life test of bearing under load. The fatigue life test results of the bearing can reveal the quality level of bearing structure design, manufacturing process, material and lubrication, and they are an important index for comprehensive evaluation of bearing product quality.

This series of testing machines are professionally designed according to GB/T24607-2009 "Rolling Bearings-Test and Assessment for Life and Reliability" . The testing machine is automatically controlled by an industrial computer. The main parameters such as load, speed and running time can be preset and the testing machine can run in accordance with the set program. The parameters such as bearing load, temperature, vibration, motor speed and current are automatically monitored, and the test data is automatically recorded. When the bearing fails or the testing machine is abnormal, the machine will automatically alarm and stop, and then record the reasons of the shutdown, realizing unattended and intelligent management.