ZYS products exhibited on China International Bearing Industry Exhibition
ZYS products exhibited on China International Bearing Industry Exhibition

Source: ZYS    Published:2020-12-16    

In the previous article, we introduced some ZYS products displayed on China International Bearing Industry Exhibition. ZYS also exhibited instruments, special bearings during the exhibition. We will guide you to learn more about ZYS products.

I. Bearing measuring instruments:

1. Vibration measuring instrument. It can analyze the failure of the bearing and have simultaneous measurement of vibration velocity and acceleration. The analysis software is also developed by ZYS.

2. Surface profile measuring instrument. For this instrument,

ZYS won the second prize for Mechanical industry science and technology progress award and had three national invention patents and appearance patents.

3. Cold rolling machine. The heat preservation and rolling are performed simultaneously, which improves work efficiency and ensures stable and reliable product quality. It is the patented core products developed by ZYS for many years.

II. Spindles

More than 100 kinds of customized non-standard electric spindles and mechanical spindle products. The maximum speed is 150,000 rpm, and the maximum power can reach 150 kw. ZYS is the famous manufacturer of motorized spindles.

III. Anti-rust oil products. They have passed international safety and environmental certification and are used in the field of bearing and metal anti-rust.

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