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Wind turbine bearings

Wind turbines are generally divided into doubly-fed, direct-drive and semi-direct-drive types. Various bearings are widely used in wind turbines. The largest number of bearings and the most complete types are traditional double-fed fans. Up to 32 sets of bearings can be used for wind turbines. Therefore, the selection of bearings is very important to ensure the safe and stable operation of wind turbines.

The wind turbines are installed in the field with windy sand or relatively high humidity. The working conditions of wind turbine bearings are very harsh, and the range of temperature, humidity and load toleration varies greatly. In particular, yaw bearings and pitch bearings need to withstand large axial forces and overturning moments; while gearbox bearings need to withstand huge shock loads during starting and braking and have low friction torque and high running flexibility when starting at low speed.

Wind turbine bearings are generally divided into the following types: yaw bearings, pitch bearings, main shaft bearings, gearbox bearings and generator bearings. The technical requirements are different depending on the bearing type. In 2001, ZYS became the first company that undertook the project of National Ministry of Science and Technology - Development of key bearings for large and medium wind turbine generator" . ZYS has acquired the core designing, manufacturing and testing technology in yaw bearing, pitch bearing, main bearing, gearbox, and generating motor bearing in wind turbine system. We have also cultivated a number of professional staff in wind bearing design, property analyses, manufacturing and testing. We cultivated the first post doctor in the field of wind power generator in China and developed specialized integrated design and analysis software that can conduct load spectrum analysis of wind turbine generator bearing, stress analysis, design and verification of key structural parameters, calculation of effective hardened layer depth and gear and bolt strength check etc. Properties of our wind turbine generator bearings have reached international advanced level. Up to now, we have applied many national patents in wind turbine generator bearing, such as Slewing bearing for 1.0MW wind turbine generator, slewing bearing for 15MW wind turbine generator , self-lubricating cage for slewing bearing , long life& high load three row roller combination slewing bearing , and Intelligent wind turbine generator bearing based on Internet of things, etc. In particular, the exclusive patent of “Intelligent wind turbine generator bearing based on internet of things” can realize remote monitoring, fault warning and diagnosis.

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