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ZYS instrument development department has more than 20 technical personnel, including one professor-level senior engineer and 10 senior engineers. ZYS has been dedicated to the field of special testing instruments, gas and liquid lubrication, and the development and standardization of optomechanics. Among them, high-speed roundness instrument, friction torque measuring instrument, laser roughness instrument won the National Invention Award and Science and Technology Progress Award. More than 10 scientific research achievements, such as surface profile measuring instrument, cylindricity measuring instrument and bearing vibration measuring instrument, have won the first and second prizes for the second prize for Mechanical industry science and technology progress award. ZYS has obtained more than 10 national invention patents and more than 40 utility model patents. The instrument development department adopts modern enterprise system and management method, with the market as the guidance, and development of industry as its own responsibility. ZYS provides you with advanced bearing universal and special testing instruments, precision air bearings, and can also provide you with the development of testing instruments. ZYS is willing to work together to promote the development of China's bearing testing technology.

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