Lubrication method of spindle bearing
Lubrication method of spindle bearing

Source: ZYS    Published:2020-12-08    

The purpose of lubrication of precision rolling bearings for machine tool spindles is to reduce the friction and wear of each part of the bearing and prevent burns.The method of lubrication and the type of lubricant have a great influence on the performance and life of rolling bearings. We must use proper grease and proper filling amount for proper filling according to the conditions of bearing use.

(1)Confirmation items before filling

Confirm that there is no residual foreign matter inside the bearing. It is recommended that bearings for high-speed spindles should be cleaned and degreased first, and then filled with grease. In other applications, it is also recommended to remove the anti-rust oil adhering to the inside of the bearing.

(2)Flling grease

In order to fill an appropriate amount of grease, it is recommended to use a grease injector with a readable filling number.

(3)Grease filling amount

Recommended value of grease filling for precision bearings:

Angular contact ball bearings for high-speed spindles: 15% ± 2% of the space volume;

Cylindrical roller bearings for high-speed spindles: 10% ± 2% of the space volume;

Ball bearings for motors: 20%~-30% of the space volume.

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