What are the types of high-speed electric spindles for CNC machining centers?
What are the types of high-speed electric spindles for CNC machining centers?

Source: ZYS    Published:2021-01-19    

The electric spindle on the CNC machining center is a very important component, which determines the speed and cutting force of the machining center.

There are three common types of spindles on CNC machining centers, namely, direct-drive spindle, belt spindle, and electric spindle. Direct-drive spindles and electric spindles are high-speed spindles used in high-speed machining centers.

Let's talk about the characteristics of these three spindles of CNC machining centers.

Electric spindle

This high-speed electric spindle has a very high speed up to 150,000 revolutions. The higher the spindle speed, the lower the cutting force, which is mostly used for milling and drilling.

Belt spindle

Belt spindle is used in small machining centers, large vertical machining centers and small gantry machining centers. The speed of the belt-type spindle generally does not exceed 8000 rpm. The higher the speed, the bigger the noise. The belt-type spindle is more powerful, suitable for heavy cutting, and used in large CNC machining centers.

Direct-drive spindle

Direct-drive spindle is mainly used in high-speed machining centers and drilling centers. The speed can generally reach 12,000 rpm. It has high speed and low cutting force, and it is mainly used for processing small parts and products, not for heavy cutting.

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