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Precision rotary table bearing

ZYS can offer YRT series, YRTS series, ZKLDF series, YRTM series, YRTSM series rotary table bearings. About the performance comparison of YRT, YRTS and ZKLDF series bearings with the same size, the limit speed of ZKLDF, YRTS, YRT series bearings decrease in turn while the overturning rigidity of YRTS, YRT and ZKLDF series bearings decrease sequentially. YRTM or YRTSM rotary table bearings add a set of angular displacement monitoring system on the basis of YRT or YRTS series bearings, to overcome the defect of open-loop control of diagonal displacement control, and realize closed-loop control of rotary table or indexing plate, greatly improving the positioning accuracy of angular displacement.

Product structure

Thrust / radial cylindrical roller bearings YRT and YRTS series are composed of two thrust roller bearings and one radial cylindrical roller bearing. Due to the special design of the internal structure of YRTS series bearing, higher limit speed can be achieved. Thrust angular contact ball bearings ZKLDF series consist of an integral outer ring, two inner rings and two sets of steel balls and cage assemblies. Its contact angle is 60, and it is especially for the conditions with high requirements on high speed, high axial and radial loads and overturning moment.

Product Features

ZYS turntable bearings are ready-to-install high-precision turntable bearings, suitable for occasions with high precision requirements and combined load. They can withstand radial loads, bidirectional axial loads and overturning moments with negative clearance. ZYS turntable bearings have the characteristics of high precision, high rigidity and high load capacity. In order to facilitate transportation and installation, screw holes are opened on the inner ring and the outer ring, and the entire set of bearings is fastened with positioning screws. The bearings are preloaded at the factory, and there is no need to adjust the clearance for installation.

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