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hydrodynamic bearing

Basic forms and recommened applications of fluid dynamic bearings:

According to different loads, a hydrodynamic bearing may be hydrodynamic journal bearing or hydrodynamic thrust bearing.

A hydrodynamic journal bearing may be designed with various structures, including three-oil wedge bearing, step-face bearing, tilting-pad bearing, etc.

Three-oil wedge bearings and step-face bearings are fixed-pad mult-wedge bearing. During operation, many hydrodynamic oil films are formed, with good rotary accuracy, self-alignment, high rigidity and damping, better high speed stability.They are commonly used for high-speed light-load bearing.

Tilting-pad bearings are tilting multi-oil wedge bearings, of which pads may be automatically adjusted for inclination with varied load and speed. They are one of bearings with the best stability and mainly used for high-speed and light-load bearing.

A hydrodynamic thrust bearing may be designed with various structures, including fixed-pad inclined thrust bearing, fixed-pad inclined-planar thrust bearing, fixed-pad step-face thrust bearing, tilting-pad thrust bearing, etc. Fixed-pad inclined thrust bearings, fixed-pad inclined-planar thrust bearings, fixed pad step-face thrust bearings are fixed-pad thrust bearing and the main form of thrust plain bearings. They apply to medium and small-scale light-load thrust plain bearings.

Tilting-pad thrust bearings apply to important large and medium scale thrust plain bearings.

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